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Colorado Trout Fisher Report - South Platte

  Weather for South Platte 27 °F    Patchy light snow    Wind: 9 MPH NNE Toggle Weather Conditions    
  Water Conditions Graph for South Platte Current Flow: 39 cfs
(04/29/2017 11:15)
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 Report for South Platte
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Rating: GREAT
Report Rating: GREAT
Trip Date: Fri, Apr 7, 2017
(Flow = 114 cfs)
Report by
Colten Holschuh
Quote(s) of the Day: I wish I could have landed those two Browns.
It was a beautiful April day in Colorado today. The fishing was on right when Dave wet a line. Within the first five casts Dave hooked into a nice 14" brown but quickly rid the hook. Most of the morning we had consistent hookups and they were exciting takes. Almost every eat that we had they would take the rig and start to run up stream which made for an exciting day. The trick was to switch up weight and hit different levels of the water column. Another great day on the river.

Partly Cloudy skies and 60+ degree weather. The water temperature was between 36-39 degrees and Slightly Off. Spring is here and it’s time to grab the rod and head for the mountains and foothills!   As the weather warms the water is rising as well. Runoff is around the corner so hit your local streams around Denver/Boulder while you can!   Make sure your nymph rig is deep enough, find the bottom of the river and fish up.   The fishing is great. South platte fly fishing

Weather Water
Temp: 60+ Temp: 36-39
Sky: Partly Cloudy Flow: 114
Wind: Gusting Clarity: Slightly Off
Precip: None Runoff: Yes (All Day)

The Trip

Time on Water: 6 hours     Anglers: 1
Hookups: 16   Landed: 6

Best Fish

Species: Brown  Weight: 1 lbs 0 oz
Length: 15 inches   Girth: 5 inches

Hatch Conditions

Fly: Blue Winged Olive
Color: Gray
Size: 22
Time: AM