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Colorado Trout Fisher Report - Boulder Creek

 Report for Boulder Creek
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Rating: GOOD
Report Rating: GOOD
Trip Date: Sat, May 13, 2017
(Flow = 98 cfs)
Report by
Casey Dunnigan
Quote(s) of the Day: I didn't know one could catch so many fish in one day!
What a pleasure it was to guide these two fellas. Byron had fly fished once before and Kurt was a never ever. We pulled up to the river and I described our game plan. We put our waders on and headed for the first run likely to hold fish. I gave them a quick casting demonstration and we were off. Within two minutes Bryon had landed his first fish. Kurt was not far behind him. We hooked nearly 30 fish today. Bryon put 10 in the net and Kurt wasn't far behind with 5 to the net. Caddis were the dominant food source so we dead drifted a soft hackle hare ear. We started out with an indicator setup and graduated to a dry dropper rig with the flies higher in the water column. What a great day. Good work boys.

Clear skies and 60+ degree weather. The water temperature was between 44-47 degrees and Off-Color. The fishing is good. With water rising and clarity deminishing try fising bright colored flies like san juan worms in pink.

Weather Water
Temp: 60+ Temp: 44-47
Sky: Clear Flow: 98
Wind: None Clarity: Off-Color
Precip: None Runoff: Yes (All Day)

The Trip

Time on Water: 4 hours     Anglers: 2
Hookups: 30   Landed: 15

Best Fish

Species: Brown  Weight: 1 lbs 0 oz
Length: 12 inches   Girth: 6 inches

Recommended Flies

Fly: Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail
Color: Brownish Tan
Size: 16
Time: All Day