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Colorado Trout Fisher Report - South Platte

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  Water Conditions Graph for South Platte Current Flow: 68 cfs
(07/20/2018 02:15)
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 Report for South Platte
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Rating: FAIR
Report Rating: FAIR
Trip Date: Sat, Jan 6, 2018
(Flow = 154 cfs)
Report by
Travis Jones
Quote(s) of the Day: OOH OOH OOH! I got one!
Beautiful day today which probably accounted for how busy the river was. We were hoping that the fly fishing show in Denver was going to take some of the traffic away, but alas people were out and fishing today. We arrived early which was a good thing, it allowed us to get into some prime winter water and it was productive for us. Tony Sr. hooked a nice brown trout and we almost got it to the net before it gave one last run and spit the hook. Cara had the lucky hand today and she hooked three fish, getting two of them to the net. Tony, did a great job taking some great pictures and just enjoying the view. I did finally talk him into wetting a line, and he hooked a couple of fish but they were able to get away without coming to the net. The water is cold so fish didn't start feeding until around noon, but you need to get there early to ensure you have a spot on the water. But hay, a crowded day on the river is better than a day behind the desk any day!

Clear skies and 52-55 degree weather. The water temperature was between 32-35 degrees and Crystal Clear. The fishing is fair.

Weather Water
Temp: 52-55 Temp: 32-35
Sky: Clear Flow: 154
Wind: None Clarity: Crystal Clear
Precip: None Runoff: No

The Trip

Time on Water: 8 hours     Anglers: 3
Hookups: 6   Landed: 2

Best Fish

Species: Brown  Weight: 2 lbs 0 oz
Length: 16 inches   Girth: 7 inches

Recommended Flies

Fly: Dorsey's Top Secret Midge
Color: Light Olive
Size: 24
Time: AM
Fly: Juju Baetis
Color: Blackish
Size: 20
Time: AM

Hatch Conditions

Fly: Blue Winged Olive
Color: Olive
Size: 22
Time: PM