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Colorado Trout Fisher Report - South Platte

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  Water Conditions Graph for South Platte Current Flow: 35 cfs
(03/18/2019 08:15)
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 Report for South Platte
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Rating: GOOD
Report Rating: GOOD
Trip Date: Tue, Mar 12, 2019
(Flow = 75 cfs)
Report by
Reid Eakins ,  Mike Sherer ,  Langston Oxendine ,  Travis Jones ,  Joe Hubbard ,  Alan Dunlap
Quote(s) of the Day: What a beautiful day on the South Platte!
Fly fishing is so peaceful!
Is that a bald eagle?
This is awesome! I haven't fished like this for 20 years.
We had so much fun yesterday, we couldn't wait for today!
Am I doing this right?
I was lucky to have Isaac, Maya & Ram back for another day on the river! We had a great 1st day but the weather kind of held us back. The 2nd day was much nicer to us, so we were optimistic! We started out our day and these three looked like pros on the river. We hooked in to fish all morning with Maya hooking a nice brown on her 1st cast! I hope you guys had a great time and learned something from all that time we spent. Hope to see you on the water again soon.
Day 2 brought warmer temperatures but also more crowds. With our large group it was a little trickier to find open water for fish. But when we found it, we found fish. Today eggs were the main food source for the trout. We caught every fish on a pink egg. After a couple hours the sun came out and the weather was just fantastic. Charlie did a great job once again of hooking up with many fish. We fished hard for a couple hours then had an another great lunch. After lunch we headed back out but only to catch one more fish. What a wonderful couple days fishing with a great group of kids.
What an awesome day on the south Platte! We couldnt have asked for more, the recent influx of snow and rain had the flows up to 75cfs. The fish are willing to eat with a good drift and the right flies. Stones ,caddis, and midges were a big factor today, these fish are welcoming spring with a big bite! Size 16 caddis pupas or a smaller pats rubberlegs will entice fish all day. We worked numerous fish in the riffles today with that being said don't be afraid to cover water during the day. The fish are starting to move out of the winter holes into shallow seams and the edges of the river.
Early Season fishing conditions, Cold and windy but the kids were real troopers and hung in there. Luckily the fish wanted to play ball too and ate several offering through out the day. Early morning was little stuff, size 22 and 24 midges, jujus and the occasional egg. Peter was the first to hook a fish in the morning and after playing it for a few seconds the line went slack. He was determined to make it happen though and soon had another fish on the line. Once we found out what to throw, Eli was on the fish and landed three in just a few short minutes. Liam was on the fish all day and hooked several, but never found the bottom of the net with one. Afternoon fishing kicked in with warmer temps and the bugs started to move. Larger midge and Bettis patterns in the size of 18 and 20 worked well.
The fishing today was a little more difficult than yesterday but these guys were determined to get back into the swing of things. The group was still a little tired from the day before but as soon as they got into thier waders they were off! Today was the opposite of yesterday and Zac got three nice fish to the net. Matt hooked into quite a few fish in the morning but didn't get any to the net. We took a break for some sandwiches and even threw the football around for a while. We ate our lunch and got back on the river for about an other hour. Matt hooked into three more fish that afternoon but we couldnt get them to the net.
Today was tough on the kids, the fish seemed to be a lot less eager to eat. The wind also played a part in today's fishing, making it difficult for them to cast and get a good drift. But they pushed through and seemed to have more fun than day before. The flows were still down but the water was crystal clear allowing fish spotting much easier. Midges where definitely the food choices for today. Size 20 or smaller was the best producer. What a pleasure it was to meet everybody over the last couple of days. Nothing better than watching young people learning our sport and leaving with smiles on their faces.

Partly Cloudy skies and 52-55 degree weather. The water temperature was between 44-47 degrees and Crystal Clear. Our local streams close to Denver and Boulder are producing great fly fishing days.   The flow is consistent and holding. Probably the best bet for good fishing close to Denver.   Midges and mayflies are everywhere.   The water is low and clear and the fish are hungry. Fly fishing trips have been great.   March is a great time of year for fly fishing! Take advantage of the sunny days most rivers are ice free and the trout bite is on!   As the weather warms the water is rising as well. Runoff is around the corner so hit your local streams around Denver/Boulder while you can!   Fishing is good but it’s still cold out there! To maximize the bite strive to be on the water from 10 am to 2 pm.   The fishing is good.

Weather Water
Temp: 52-55 Temp: 44-47
Sky: Partly Cloudy Flow: 75
Wind: Gusting Clarity: Crystal Clear
Precip: None Runoff: No

The Trip

Time on Water: 8 hours     Anglers: 16
Hookups: 62   Landed: 36

Best Fish

Species: Brown  Weight: 3 lbs 0 oz
Length: 16 inches   Girth: 5 inches

Recommended Flies

Fly: Rainbow Warrior
Color: Red
Size: 20
Time: All Day
Fly: Juju Baetis
Color: Purplish Black
Size: 20
Time: All Day
Fly: Pheasant Tail
Color: Black
Size: 16