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Colorado Trout Fisher Report - South Platte-Deckers

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  Water Conditions Graph for South Platte-Deckers Current Flow: 418 cfs
(05/20/2019 21:00)
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 Report for South Platte-Deckers
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Rating: GOOD
Report Rating: GOOD
Trip Date: Sun, May 12, 2019
(Flow = 160 cfs)
Report by
Reid Eakins ,  Ben Johnston
Quote(s) of the Day: Weather and water is starting to heat up!
"I could stay out here all day!"
I met up with this great group of guys out on the South Platte at Deckers to celebrate the Bachelor! This was a great group of 4 guys from Arkansas that were just stoked to be outdoors on this beautiful day. We had an early start and the fish were active right from the get go! Everyone hooking on to some great fish and losing some too! We covered a good amount of water trying to work on different techniques. The fish became a little more tricky to catch as the day went on but it was still productive. Had a great day with you guys! Thanks for coming out!
I had a great time fishing with Jack and Collin. While collin fished a large run Jack and I headed up to the head of the run and started sight fishing. After about 5 minutes a large brown trout fed up into the shallows, and Jack made a perfect cast at the fish. When hooked, the fish rolled on its side and thrashed showing that it was a true trophy sized trout and took off into the midde of the river screaming drag. It settled in the middle, and like a old wise fish found a small submerged bush in the middle of the run to lodge itself in. He was truly the fish that got away, one that keeps us coming back.

Partly Cloudy skies and 60+ degree weather. The water temperature was between 40-43 degrees and Slightly Off. The flow is consistent and holding. Probably the best bet for good fishing close to Denver.   The fishing is good.
Fishing is heating up and fish are moving into the shallow riffles to feed. Focus on sight fishing after 8 am with a double nymph rig. Mid day there was a small caddis hatch and the fish were sporadically feeding on the surface. Get out while the flows are still low and the water clear!

Weather Water
Temp: 60+ Temp: 40-43
Sky: Partly Cloudy Flow: 160
Wind: None Clarity: Slightly Off
Precip: None Runoff: No

The Trip

Time on Water: 8 hrs.     Anglers: 4
Hookups: 30   Landed: 10

Best Fish

Species: Rainbow  Weight: 3 lbs 0 oz
Length: 16 inches   Girth: 5 inches

Recommended Flies

Fly: Graphic Caddis
Color: Blackish Brown
Size: 16
Time: All Day
Fly: Dorsey's Top Secret Midge
Color: Brownish Tan
Size: 20
Time: All Day
Fly: Jujubee Midge
Color: Chartruse
Size: 20
Time: All Day