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Colorado Trout Fisher Report - South Platte-Deckers

  Weather for South Platte-Deckers 92 F   Clear Sky    Wind: 13 SSE mph Toggle Weather Conditions    
  Water Conditions Graph for South Platte-Deckers Current Flow: 617 cfs
(07/19/2019 18:00)
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 Report for South Platte-Deckers
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Rating: GOOD
Report Rating: GOOD
Trip Date: Sat, Jun 15, 2019
(Flow = 163 cfs)
Report by
Colten Holschuh
Quote(s) of the Day: “It’s 3 to 1 Mike! No dad, it’s 2 to 1. The one you lost doesn’t count!”
Decker flows are below average for this time of year which is odd given the other waters surrounding, which are what we call blown out. With that being said, fishing on deckers right now can be great and mike and Ernie did great today. This was the second time that we’ve fished together as a group and it was like we fished together just a week ago. Mike and Earnie remembered pretty much everything I had taught them two years ago which resulted in the first brown to the net which was mike. First fish of the morning was a 17” brown with a good girth. Ernie followed suit with the biggest fish of the day and as we go to take a picture, fish flop!! Shortly after Ernie hooked a couple more browns bug got the best of us and than cane back to land his second brown of the morning. Ernie was giving his boy a hard time cuz he was in the lead but mike knew there was still time on his side. After lunch we found a few more fish to end the day. Thanks for a fun day guys and hope to see you again soon

Partly Cloudy skies and 60+ degree weather. The water temperature was between 48-51 degrees and Crystal Clear. The fishing is good.

Weather Water
Temp: 60+ Temp: 48-51
Sky: Partly Cloudy Flow: 163
Wind: None Clarity: Crystal Clear
Precip: Rain Runoff: No

The Trip

Time on Water: 8 hrs.     Anglers: 2
Hookups: 14   Landed: 7

Best Fish

Species: Brown  Weight: 3 lbs 0 oz
Length: 20 inches   Girth: 9 inches

Recommended Flies

Fly: Blue Winged Olive Emerger
Color: Olive
Size: 22
Fly: Rs2 Emerger
Color: Blue Gray
Size: 20

Hatch Conditions

Fly: Little Plain Brown Sedge
Color: Brown
Size: 16
Fly: Blue Winged Olive
Color: Blue Gray
Size: 20