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Steep canyon walls and fast and furious pocket water characterize the St. Vrain. The creek is located just outside of Lyons, Colorado just a short and scenic drive from Denver or Boulder. The fly fishing is great and so is the scenery! One cannot help but drift back to the days of the old west as you drive through the picturesque clay canyons of the St. Vrain.

The creek is home to lots of opportunistic brown trout and a good sustainable population of rainbow trout. The Vrain is probably best known for the summer time caddis hatch, with blanket hatches of fluttering bugs happening most every evening, making the creek a dry fly fisher’s paradise.

We are also fortunate that the creek tends to stay ice free throughout the year. So don’t let a little snow stop you, winter fly fishing can be fantastic on sunny days in January and February. The midge hatch makes for some great surface action and this is the best winter fly fishing trip close to Boulder.

Another guide favorite, let one of our pro trout hunters show you the secrets of the St. Vrain.