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South Boulder Creek rises at Rogers Pass on the Continental Divide, just south of the Moffat Tunnel. South Boulder Creek flows through Rollinsville, Gross Reservoir, and Eldorado Canyon before leaving the mountains and curving past the south and east sides of Boulder to its mouth. The creek is made up of meandering meadows and long and deep runs characterizing the public sections of South Boulder Creek. The creek is teaming with good populations of brown and rainbow trout. The bug life on the creek is bar none the best found on the Front Range and productive insect hatches occur every day. We are the only permitted outfitter for South Boulder Creek.

The creek is extremely diverse throughout its various sections taking on the character of meadow bends, deep pools, picturesque dry fly riffles and canyon pocket water. Each section demands different fly fishing skills but anglers that are proficient with both indicator nymph fishing and dry fly and dropper rigs can do well on any section by imitating the abundance of insect life found on the creek. Stoneflies, mayflies, caddis and midges make up the bulk of the trout’s diet and the creek can be fished year round below Gross Dam.

The upper sections of the creek above Gross Reservoir can best be characterized by technical canyon pocket water, deep slow meandering bends, longer riffles and runs and deep pools. Due to extensive stream improvements and fish management programs, large and trophy sized fish up to ten pounds can be found on both the public and private sections. Portions of the creek flow through forest lands and there is lots of opportunity to fish private fly fishing preserves for a rod fee. This is some of the finest fly fishing close to Denver and Boulder, offering anglers the rare opportunity to hook trophy sized fish close to home.

The deeper pools in these sections require skilled nymph fishing with favorite flies being small to medium stoneflies, various mayflies and midges year round. Good streamer fishing can be found here as well and the upper sections of the creek host a good population of brown trout that will aggressively chase bait fish and leech patterns. A tandem streamer rig with a large black and white bunny fly trailed by a small leech pattern is an excellent combo for getting strikes. The summer dry fly fishing can also be spectacular, large hatches of gray drakes and the evening spinner fall is something you don’t want to miss.

The bug life on the creek is truly fantastic and good hatches can be found throughout the year. Midges, black stoneflies and blue winged olives can be found throughout June. Summer brings blanket hatches of Caddis, Green and Gray Drakes, Yellow Sallies, Red Quills, PMDs and terrestrials. Fall brings more hatches of blue winged olives and black midges. Lots of aggressive brown trout also provide the streamer fisherman with the chance to hook some true trophy browns, stripping bunny flies and other baitfish patterns to imitate small forage fish.

Three to five weight rods are more than adequate for fishing the various sections of South Boulder Creek. Good waders and boots are very important; the water can be very cold as it is fed from the mountains of Rodgers Pass and some of the sections can be fast and slippery to wade. Due to dense populations of opportunistic trout a good selection of standard dry flies, nymphs and streamers is all an angler needs to be successful.

Due to controlled releases from the Moffat Tunnel and Gross Dam, the creek normally stays at very manageable and fishable flows throughout the year and good fishing can be found even during the high water months. With a combination of forest service lands, state parks, open space and fly fishing preserves there is certainly a lot of water to explore on South Boulder Creek.

South Boulder Creek is our home water and we are the only guide service that offers fly fishing trips on this watershed.